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What Readers are Saying about Holy Cow!

“I am excited to find a book that addresses biblical meat eating as thoroughly as Hope Egan and D. Thomas Lancaster have…Holy Cow! is an invaluable resource, one that I certainly recommend to others.”

Dr. Rex Russell
Author of What the Bible Says about Healthy Living 

“Holy Cow! is a must-read book for Jews, Christians and anyone else who eats…”

Jordan S. Rubin, Author of The Maker’s Diet 

“This simple-to-understand book uses basic hermeneutic principles to properly interpret what the Bible says about eating meat…Egan is clear that our diets are not a salvation issue, while at the same time encouraging obedience to God’s Word. I highly recommend this much-needed book.”

Robin Sampson Author of:

A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays
The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: A Guide to Biblical Education 

“Provocative and challenging…”

Evangelical Church Libraries​

“This is the type of book that will make any student of the Bible happy. The author clearly and carefully leads readers through a penetrating and fascinating study of God’s Word. Yet her style of writing is conversational, never confrontational. It’s a perfect mix of enthusiasm and exhortation!”

Joyce Handzo 

“I liked this book. Christians concerned about obeying God’s will in all of life’s venues will find this book helpful in dealing with a controversial topic in a thoughtful, helpful, pleasant fashion.”

Richard Ruble Perspectives on Science and Christianity

“…This book will help you understand one of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible. Every believer should read it—with an open mind.”

Dr. Richard Booker, Author of The Mystery of the Scarlet Thread
Founder of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies

“Your publication is a fine, stimulating, and magnificent work on a topic many Christians refuse to think about. Thank you for your courage to discuss the crucial topic of eating from the biblical perspective. I wholeheartedly endorse Holy Cow! It is hard to express in a few words the depth of your study. I strongly recommend this superb book for all who want to advance in their daily walk with the Lord.”

Jiri Moskala, Th.D. Ph.D.
Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology, Andrews University 

“As a pastor in a mainline protestant congregation who keeps a biblically ordained diet, I often feel like a stranger in a strange land. Many in the Church do not fully understand the biblical/kosher lifestyle, and so I often find myself teaching them. This book has been a vital resource to me by helping me explain what the Bible says about our dietary choices and the fact that God really does care about what we eat.”

Bill Beyer Pastor, Trinity English Lutheran Church

“Holy Cow! will help you see the menu plan for dinner with clearer focus and greater blessing. This well-written book brings peace of mind as you recognize God's protection for us even in our food choices.”

Annette Reeder, Biblical Nutrition Consultant
Author, Consultant, Speaker 

“…Displaying a keen intellect, respect for traditional interpretations, and a refreshing zeal for understanding and living by every word of God, Hope makes an excellent case for rethinking traditional Christian views on this subject. May it lead us all to a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior."

David Treybig, Pastor  

“Holy Cow! is winsome and full of grace! Hope Egan provides a great balance of logic and humor on this very important issue.”

Sue Gregg, The Busy Woman’s Guide to Healthy Eating
International speaker and teacher

“I have found Holy Cow! to be a breath of fresh air. I greatly appreciate Hope Egan’s inquisitive style of writing, which is sensitive to the needs of a wide variety of people, particularly Christians investigating their Hebraic roots.”

J. K. McKee, Editor, TNN Online

“This book should come with a warning. If you read this book you may be leaving pork ribs and lobster off your personal menu. It is that thought provoking and biblically convincing.” 

Jackson Crum Lead Pastor, Park Community Church 

“What’s important about this book is that Egan doesn’t force a right-or-wrong debate about eating meat or following kosher rules. Instead, she simply represents both biblical and scientific thoughts about why God gave those specific dietary rules in Leviticus and asks us to consider how they apply to our lives today.”

Joanne Brokaw, Freelance writer and columnist

“Holy Cow! presents a clear picture of what the disciples said about food in the New Testament and how that pertains to the Torah’s dietary instructions. This question seems to be arising more and more in Christendom today. For anyone who wants balanced, well-researched information on this subject, do not hesitate to pick up a copy of this book!”

Beth Holland, Author, Speaker and Bible Teacher 

“Holy Cow! does an excellent job of sharing the biblical principles of healthy eating and how they apply to the modern Christian life. You will benefit from this book regardless of your religious beliefs.”

Suzannah Noonan, CNC Founder, 

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